Top Technology Skill in 2019

India is top most offshore destination for IT companies across the world, and proven capabilities in delivering on-shore and off-shore services to clients across the globe.

Indian IT firms has generated highest ever revenue USD 181 billion, in 2018-19. Which itself proving the facts of achievement of India IT sector.

Top trending technology in Indian IT Sector :

  1. Internet of Things (IoT) : IoT is another buzz world in today’s era. IoT solution integrates 4 components, data collection devices / sensors, connectivity between components, data processing unit & user interface.
    • Data Collection device / sensors : Data collection is most important part of any IoT application. Data can be collected via different medium like, it could be as simple as collecting GPS coordinate via mobile device or could be as complex as collecting heavy length video.
    • Connectivity : Another major part of IoT application send data to cloud securely and make it accessible to other component of application. Connection medium could be Wifi, LAN, LPWAN, satellite, Ethernet cable etc.
    • Data Processing : This is critical part of any IoT application, this module has to use and process data collected in earlier steps and massage this data to build human readable format, and make decision basis on algorithm written for specific application.
    • User Interface : This unit will enable end user to interact with data and make certain action basis on data available from data processing unit and can trigger certain feature as per need from user interface itself.
  2. Machine Learning : This is the term used to program computer to learn the things in real time with explicitly programmed for it. “Targeted Ads” could be best example for Machine learning, In real time with real traffic, system is deciding which Ads is best suited for which audience and can get more conversion. Machine Learning terminology having five components :
    • Model : It is also named as hypothesis, it is specific representation of learned data post applying some machine learning algorithm.
    • Feature : Feature vector are actually an input to model, features is the key to predict any object, and essential part of algorithm. Like, to predict fruit, feature could be smell, size, color etc.
    • Target : It could be value or label, which has been predicted by created Model
    • Training : Feed model with all the possible combination is training, once model is ready with all the possible data required for analysis, we can mark it as Trained model, and also algorithm can help model to keep trained basis on provided input in real time.
    • Prediction : This is output generated from trained model post applying algorithm.
  3. Cloud Computing : This is another booming technology in Indian IT sector. Broadly Cloud computing can be achieved in three ways :
    • Public Cloud : Third part deliver cloud service over the internet and customer need to pay for usages like CPU cycle, storage, bandwidth etc. AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle etc providing this type of hosted solutions.
    • Private Cloud : This will be delivered from customer own data center, and client would be internal. Private cloud technologies can be VMware, OpenStack etc.
    • Hybrid Cloud : As the name suggested, this is a combination of Public & Private cloud. Typically, public cloud integration with on-premise data center. In some use cases, where client is running mission-critical application and additional load on application can be managed by public cloud.

       Cloud Computing service can be categorized in three different ways

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) : PaaS is a cloud computing model where, provider provides hardware & software tool to run the business. Typically it helps development team to develop the solution and collaborate between multiple location. Example : Google App engine, Heroku etc are best example of PaaS
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) : Provider will provide software capabilities to run and smoothen business life cycle. SalesForce is best example for SaaS cloud computing model
  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) : Third Party provider will provide all the infra needs to clients to run the business. Azure, AWS, Google, IBM, Oracle are some of the key provider in IaaS.

Above discussed three technologies are trending in Indian IT sector in year 2019. Certification in respective technology can definitely help to get job quickly with some handsome take home salary.

Certification :

  1. IoT :
  2. Machine Learning :
  3. Cloud Computing :

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